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Holgapalooza Winners Announced

Posted in News by Ray on 11.02.2009


After weeks of eager anticipation, the winners of the 2009 Holgapalooza competition was announced today!

Amazingly I won first place in the Holgaroid category, and am humbled and excited by this honor (what I really want to say is ZOMG!).

The winning photos will be revealed in Issue 16 of Light Leaks Magazine due out in early 2010, so we’ll have to wait to see what was selected.

Congratulations to all the winners below:

Judge: Sandra Carrion
1st: Gayle Stevens
2nd: Phil Bebbington
3rd: Ray Carns
Honourable Mention: Maggie Willis

Judge: Gordon Stettinius
1st: Christiane Ingenthron
2nd:Warren Harold
3rd: James Arnold
Honorable Mention: St├ęphane Heinz

Judge: Annu Palakunnathu Matthew
1st: Sarah Hodzic
2nd: Zeb Andrews
3rd: Alain Gauvin
Honourable Mention: Lori Andrews

Judge: Michelle Bates
1st: Laura Burlton
2nd: Chris Durnin
3rd: Jeff Evans
Honourable Mention: Chris Hanke

Category: Holgaroids
Judge: Steph Parke
1st: Ray Yen
2nd: Penny Nannini
3rd: Nicole Gesmondi
Honourable Mention: Isabelle Field


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