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Light Leaks Magazine Issue 15 (“Pinhole”)

Posted in News by Ray on 11.06.2009

Issue 15 of Light Leaks Magazine is hot off the press today. It’s a special features issue focused on pinhole photography. Articles include “Twelve Exposures, That’s All You Need” by Danny Kalkhoven, “Pinhole to Print” by Malin Fabbri, “The Legacy Group & The Great Picture Project” by Jay Heuman, “Vicarious Journeys” by Derrick Burbul, “Sharan Pinhole Camera” by Nic Nichols, and the “Holga 120 WPC” by C. Gary Moyer. There is also a gallery of work selected by guest Photo Editor, Brian J. Krummel.

Lightleaks Issue 15

Time for shameless self promotion, but my Cyclone picture was selected and appears on page 26 of the magazine! The image is on the Light Leaks website seen above (the picture on the left of the right pane), in addition, it’s part of the Issue 15 preview that can be downloaded from their site.


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  1. bb said, on 01.11.2010 at 1:30 pm

    Great shot and I’m beside you on the right!!

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