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‘Roid Week 2010

Posted in Photos by Ray on 05.04.2010

‘Roid Week, a week long (5 days) celebration of Polaroid photography.

This is my picture for Day 1, using a pre-production pack of PX600.


Picture of the Day

Posted in Photos by Ray on 04.11.2010

From my first pack of PX100:

It’s a tricky film that is highly sensitive to light and temperature. The workaround is to attach a dark bag or the dark slide to the front of the camera with gaffer tape and then put the film into the shirt pocket to develop if it’s cold outside. This was shot in the elevator lobby at the W Hotel where I was staying. In the low light condition, it was almost a 10 second exposure and has the most saturated sepia range of any shot from the pack.

Picture of the Day

Posted in Photos by Ray on 11.10.2009

Just got back the test roll from my “new” vintage Diana 151 camera:

The pictures came out a bit sharper than I’d expected, I was hoping that I’d get more blur along the edges, but the vignetting is very nice from this lens. That’s also a light leak from the red frame indicator window, I’m still on the fence as to whether to tape it up, it’s a cool artifact of these toy cameras.