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Picture of the Day

Posted in Photos by Ray on 04.11.2010

From my first pack of PX100:

It’s a tricky film that is highly sensitive to light and temperature. The workaround is to attach a dark bag or the dark slide to the front of the camera with gaffer tape and then put the film into the shirt pocket to develop if it’s cold outside. This was shot in the elevator lobby at the W Hotel where I was staying. In the low light condition, it was almost a 10 second exposure and has the most saturated sepia range of any shot from the pack.


The Start of Something – Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1

Posted in Gear by Ray on 11.01.2009

This is a Polaroid SX-70 and is the camera that started my Polaroid obsession. I love the retro faux leather and plated metal finish, it reeks of ’70s coolness.

Transformer-like, it pops open from a flat brick of faux leather to a single lens reflex camera, complete with glass element, manual focus, and exposure compensation.

Iconic good looks. This is the Cadillac of Polaroid integral film cameras, back when that would have been a compliment.

Here’s the business end with the view finder.

The camera uses integral film, which is what people associate with Polaroid. The camera ejects the film accompanied by the whirl of mechanical noises. Then an image slowly materializes like magic. Incidentally, waving the film around doesn’t do anything except make you look foolish.

This is from my first day with the camera back in 2002. I miss using Time-Zero film which was discontinued in 2005. Now I’m using 600 film with a neutral density filter. But even that’s discontinued. However, the Impossible Project based out of the Netherlands have bought Polaroid production equipment and have vowed to bring back integral film in 2010.

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